How many insightful news articles could one particular website considered by many to be a legitimate tech news source write about Google Glass in the span of a week? I would guess at the most two or three, reason being that it isn’t even considered to be a viable commercial product and I don’t see the type of site that would insesently blog about one thing on a daily basis, especially a product that isn’t even sold in stores yet, but it seems that is gaga over glass to the point of nausea.

During the week leading up to May 1st 2013, managed to churn out a total of seven Google Glass articles. Most of these articles weren’t very insightful and are essentially shells for a Samsung S4 campaign that had the phone featured on the banner header and in the right rail. From a white hat perspective this worries me. was one of the first websites that many a geek would come across in the first few years of the internet taking shape. and stood out above the fold when most websites were only still a few pages deep. Now it seems to be reducing itself to blog fodder in order to come up at the top of Google News’ daily feeds.

Here is the list of articles published on the week leading up to May 1st 2013. I think taking a close look at each of these articles we can further understand how and other news outlets push thier articles to the top of Google news feeds:

Could it be that this is how gets fresh impressions for it’s advertisers? On March, 1st 2013 during the Samsung S4 campaign they were publishing at least one Google Glass article per day that in turn would show up in the Google News feeds usually between the first and third spots.

Ranking at the top page of google for Glass and driving in fresh daily views can be one benefit, another one could be the potential to outrank future news competition for related Glass terms. If the news article about tweeting with Google glass was published way before anyone elses then likely your fresh Google Glass articles are going to outrank the competition even if the quality of the older content is negligible.

I understand people might have an insatiable hunger for news and there’s a ton of competition out there but wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if websites like, which is essentially a product review website, wasn’t provided the same clout as a news organization? Is in the business of writing negligible content so it can outrank its competitors when it really matters? How could any up-and-coming news site battle against giants like without conducting a cat-and-mouse SEO spam campaign to come up on top in Google News feeds? At this very moment if you do this advanced search on google,[ “google glass”] you’ll see Google come up with About 161,000 results. Doesn’t this smell of spam? When you try the same search and change the site to [ “google glass”] you only get three results.

So is just a tabloid? I will be monitoring from now on and continue to analyze its approach.