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Taking a close look at a CNET.com news storm

How many insightful news articles could one particular website considered by many to be a legitimate tech news source write about Google Glass in the span of a week? I… Read more »

Creating a White Hat SEO solution that will deliver for small business websites

When starting to build a small business website you’ll want to follow some guidelines so that you’ll have a chance at being successful in bringing traffic that’s organically driven. Design… Read more »

Google Upgrades Sitelinks in Search Results

Google recently upgraded the way it displays content for site specific search results. You can quickly view the upgrade by doing a Google search for either Macy’s or Home Depot…. Read more »

Practicing Ethical SEO

Usually the most common thing I’ll tell people starting out at SEO is to avoid spamming the search engines with repetitive links and duplicate content. This is the golden rule… Read more »

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Explaining the major differences between the two and how to avoid Google blacklisting your site. In order to understand the difference between White Hat SEO and its counterpart you’ll first… Read more »

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