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Taking a close look at a CNET.com news storm

How many insightful news articles could one particular website considered by many to be a legitimate tech news source write about Google Glass in the span of a week? I would guess at the most two or three, reason being that it isn’t even considered to be a viable commercial

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Google Upgrades Sitelinks in Search Results

Google recently upgraded the way it displays content for site specific search results. You can quickly view the upgrade by doing a Google search for either Macy’s or Home Depot. It’s pretty cool, now when you’re searching just by company name Google will show you a few navigation links, along

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Practicing Ethical SEO

Usually the most common thing I’ll tell people starting out at SEO is to avoid spamming the search engines with repetitive links and duplicate content. This is the golden rule when it comes to White Hat SEO. Producing duplicate content can push your website to the bottom of Google’s index, so

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